...The  nature was  very  generous  towards  the  Tikvesh wine region  and  even  two milleniums  ago  determinined  this  same  part  of  the  wonderful  Macedonian  land to  be  planted  with  grapevine.

...As  a  result  of  the  huge  tradition  in  the  grape  wine  cultivation,  really advantageous  climatic  conditions  and  another  natural  resources  GD Tikves  company has already marked more than 60 years of existence.

...Up to 1998 it has functioned as part of  the Agricultural factory "TIKVES" , and since 1999 it has been working independently.

...The tradition in upgrading and improvement continues through the years by investing in the sector of wine making. This is a long ago planned project, that had its commencement in the 2013, with the establishment of the new winery VVM GD Tikves.


...The one can witness this tradition of  quality even with the first look on the huge plantation with grapevine, cultivated on 800 ha of vineyards. Plantations are divided in six working units: Raec, Samaci, Ljubas, Trstenik, Vozarci and Suva Gora. The wide spreading of this units, typifies them with diffrencies and unique heritage in the truest sense of terroir.