VVM GD Tikves winery has capacity for production of 9,2 million litres of wine at the moment, with intention  to increase the capacity to 12 million litres in next three years. 95% of the whole production is bulk wine for export, and the other 5% are bottled wine in diverse wine lines.

The winery uses a wide range of grape varieties from its own vineyards, what gives the opportunity for controlling the quality of the grape and also, chance for choosing the appropriate location or source of the grape. Our vineyard practices are customized to match the particular characteristics of each vineyard, to help the vines produce the best fruit possible, and in turn, the best wine possible.

We have the great fortune of being able to blend not only diverse sites and varieties, but also complexities of vine age and microclimate. In the GD Tikves winery, the wine is produced  in strictly controlled conditions,  from carefully chosen varieties and clones,  which are grown at elevation from 200 - 450 m.


Year by year, GD - Tikves Corporation intends to increase the grape fields and to begin the production of new types, that  have proved as the quality ones during the long term research by the expert team of the corporation.